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Did you know one in five orthodontic patients are over the age of 21? In fact, Dr. Hocking was an adult orthodontic patient about 10 years ago!  If you are an adult and considering orthodontic treatment for yourself, you are not alone. 


Adult orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance and self-confidence as well as alignment, bite, and oral hygiene.  Straight teeth are just easier to clean!  As long as you have healthy dentition and bone, you can have orthodontic treatment. 

The nice thing about orthodontic treatment today is that patients have options. Dr. Hocking always likes to explore those options with our patients as everyone is different.  


There are traditional metal braces, but there are also ceramic, tooth-colored braces as well as and Invisalign.  These options allow patients to select the style of treatment that best fits into their busy life.  

What are the differences between adult treatment and treatment as a pre-teen or teen?


As an adult you are no longer growing- this may mean that in order to correct certain bites with significant jaw discrepancies surgery could be needed in addition to orthodontic treatment.  However, in most cases a great result with an improved bite can be achieved with orthodontic treatment alone.  


As an adult there may also be some bone loss or gum recession as well as worn, missing, or restored teeth.  If you have a lot of crowding, straightening the teeth can actually help make it easier to clean, therefore improving periodontal issues and overall oral health.  Lining up teeth can also assist the general dentist in restoring your teeth. There are a multitude of benefits of having orthodontic treatment as an adult.  Most adult patients tend to find that their biggest regret was not coming in for treatment sooner!   

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