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Most kids are ready for orthodontic treatment at the age of 11 and 3/4.  

Of course, this varies a lot and depends upon each patient's dental development.  

Braces now are smaller and more streamlined than ever, and can be personalized with a rainbow of colors. For those kids who prefer a more subtle approach, braces also come in tooth-colored ceramic material.  In older kids who exhibit certain bites and motivation for self-regulation, there is also the option for Invisalign Teen.

Why might it be a good idea to have treatment as a pre-teen or teen?

Once your adult teeth have erupted, it is a matter of time before the natural movement of your teeth occurs.  Natural spaces close, often not in a favorable direction, and bone changes and stops growing.  In many cases, if treatment is timed before these changes occur, the patient can enjoy the most ideal treatment plan possible with the most successful bite correction.  


We can still achieve great results on adults, but because there is no more jaw growth, this can affect the options for treatment.

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