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Our Office

Dr. Hocking practiced for several years on the east coast, and decided to open a new practice in San Ramon, CA.  She's a busy professional as well as a mom, so she understands how hectic things can get!  That is specifically why Dr. Hocking chose to open an office IN The Shops at Bishop Ranch.  Her goal was to create an office where patients did not have to compromise anything.  You can get the absolute highest quality Orthodontic care in a state of the art beautiful office, but you don’t have to go out of your way to come in and see us.  We are not hidden in a large medical facility, far away from everything else you have to do in your day.  We are right off of a major highway, and in one stop you can come see us, hop over to get your cup of coffee, pick up a few groceries at Whole Foods, and get that something you’ve been meaning to get at Target. Voila!  Have we made your day a little bit easier?  We hope so. 

Awesome team

Great Location

Private Consultation Room


treatment area

High tech:

Digital x-rays and records

Private treatment area

Pristine sterilization area

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