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Getting braces off is exciting! The terminology we use for this exciting event is less so- We call this Debanding.

The term Deband traditionally refers to the removal of orthodontic bands. Bands are metal rings that fit around teeth. In the past braces consisted of metal rings that went around each and every tooth. These days we don’t use these bands as much except on some back teeth.

Patients often wonder, what exactly happens on the day my braces come off? That day we start by popping braces off your teeth using a special instrument. They literally make a pop or crackle sound as they come off. The pop/crackle comes from the separation of dental composite (glue) from the braces. Once the braces come off, each tooth is polished to remove the dental composite. After this, we take final photos, x-rays, and take impressions to make you a set of retainers. It surprises patients to find out that removing the braces only takes a few minutes. What takes the most time is the polishing.

Once we finish all of this, we celebrate! After the braces come off, there are no longer food restrictions- so enjoy that celebratory treat!

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