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Money Matters: Do I Have to Pay Everything Up Front?

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I cannot speak for all Orthodontic offices, but in our office we understand that everyone has a different budget and different monthly expenses. That is why we have very flexible payment options so that a comfortable payment option or plan can be made for each patient or family.

Some of our patients prefer to make one payment at the start of braces. Some of our patients like to receive points back on their credit card or have flex spending accounts that make this option very appealing. Many of our patients choose an extended plan where a down payment is made upon starting treatment, and then monthly payments are made.

We have very flexible terms, which means that patients can choose a comfortable down payment and monthly payment. Some patients prefer to put a small payment down and pay more per month. Other patients prefer to place a larger down payment and very small monthly payments. Some prefer to pay over a few months, others prefer to make a longer payment plan.

Any of these options are fine, and we encourage patients to select a plan that makes the most sense for them. We offer such flexible terms because we believe that everyone deserves a great smile.

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